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Planning Your Ceremony

1.  Ask yourself and your partner how you feel about spirituality, and specifically the words “God,” “blessing/blessed” or any words that bring out a spiritual or religious feel for you.

2.  Decide whether you want to write your own vows, choose them, go traditional or even whisper them to one another during the ceremony.  How do you picture that moment?  If you are nervous, remember you are surrounded by those who love you and support you and feel honored to be part of this moment.

3.  Do you want any rituals like candle lighting, ring warming or breaking of the glass?  Do you want them explained during the service?

4.  Do you want your officiant to speak to close friends and relatives?  Some officiants offer this service.  I do it to get a better sense of my couples, in a way we just couldn’t get to with our meetings.

5.  What type of language do you want used for kissing each other or the “giving away” of the bride, if you choose that?  There are traditional ways: “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” and less traditional: “You may kiss each other” instead of “you may kiss your bride,” for example.

Of course, the main thing is that you choose someone who can guide you through this process with heart, openness and the ability to have fun planning the most important words you might ever utter!

Best of luck and have fun planning!