In creating the floral design for our launch party, Rebecca took into consideration the personality of Brooklyn Betrothed and the style of the venue, Benchmark.  With the restaurant’s character and charm and the history attached to its “found objects” decor, Rebecca chose to use an eclectic array of mismatched containers and bright, bold cheerful colors to represent the women of Brooklyn Betrothed and the joy of our celebration.  At the flower market that morning she was immediately drawn to the beautiful lavender scabiosa flowers and her creative vision quickly gelled from there.  She brought in reds, pale pinks and white and displayed her creations in brass containers that matched the energy and brightness of the flowers.

As we sat and dined and took in the beauty of our tablescape, Rebecca noted that she had never before sat at a table decorated by her own flowers. Watching her enjoy the beauty she created, as we all did, was a particular highlight of the night.

When developing the paper elements, Ruth and Rebecca collaborated closely on the overall look for the evening. The two shared inspirational images, researched Benchmark’s story and came up with the key words to describe the atmosphere of the evening. Using the logo she created for us as foundation, she began designing paper pieces that would compliment both Benchmark’s decor and Rebecca’s floral design. As a group, we had a sense of what might be coming, but were all in awe of what Ruth brought to the table. From our individualized place cards to the hand-painted menus, these elements completed our table perfectly.

Once all of the design elements were set up, we were ready to enjoy some amazing food. Tomorrow we will share all about the delicious food we enjoyed during the launch!