Customizing Your Invitations and “Save-the-Dates”:

1. Schedule your first meeting with a custom illustrator at least three months in advance of your mailing dates. This will allow the design time to have a few rough drafts to get a perfected final paper good for your personalized wedding look.

2.   It’s helpful to start with some idea of what you would like created, but not necessary. The key is to pick a designer you admire, and more importantly trust. This person can help guide you by showing samples of previous works and sharing ideas that can be narrowed down to a piece crafted just for you. 

3.  Once you have picked your illustrator, make sure you have clear communication. Since you are having a custom design, every correction and question should be clear and understandable in order to have the work best tailored to you. Setting up a format for communicating questions and answers that works best for you beforehand is a great way to minimize stress, especially if you are not going to be meeting in person.

4.  An original design will look different than the printed forms.  Paper and print quality are the main reasons for this difference. Ask your designer for examples of the different printing and paper options and a price sheet to go with them. Take some time to look over your options and ask as many questions as you like! This will help ensure that your end result is exactly what you want, without unexpected costs.

5.  I always recommend printing five to ten more mailed wedding paper goods then you expect to need. It is usually not a problem to order them later, but adding in the extra cards will save you time and money as the wedding date gets closer, when you may have other things you need to focus on instead.