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I recently did make-up for a bridal party of ten, and it was a bit dicey getting everyone ready on time.  We managed to make it work, largely because I always allow extra time, but this was a close one.  The problem was: no one wanted to go first, so the schedule I’d put together for everyone was ignored.  The first appointment was slated for noon and the first bridesmaid didn’t show up to the makeup room until 12:50.  So before we’d even started, we were almost an hour behind schedule and I was freaking out!

Even if you’re the first appointment slot, there’s nothing to worry about.  The makeup I use is high quality, waterproof, and with my special “layering” technique, will last you for hours and hours without touchups.  So even if you go first, you’ll still look like you were last.  I promise!

The best piece of advice I could have given my girls is that they should trust the hair and makeup team to know how long it’s going to take to prep people and that they have organized the schedule accordingly.  Not respecting the timeline could be disastrous, and if you respect keeping the sanity of the bride, you should respect the sanctity of the finely crafted day-of schedule.  Trust me, everyone will be happier if you end up running ahead of schedule, rather than behind!