Wedding day beauty tips:

1. To combat tears from rolling down your cheek, tilt your head to
either side so the tear rolls down the side of your nose instead of
straight down the cheek.  Then gently dab at the inner corner of your
eye with a handkerchief.  Where do you hide said handkerchief?  In
your bouquet!

2. The day before your wedding, drink plenty of water to keep your
skin hydrated.  Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and salt, which can
cause puffiness and make dark undereye circles appear darker than

3. Skip your usual morning skincare routine the day of the wedding.
Most moisturizers have oils or other agents in them that will make
your skin more slippery.  The less of this you have on under your
makeup, the longer it will last.

4. Your makeup artist is there to make you feel beautiful. Communication is key. One person’s idea of a smoky eye can be very different from someone else’s.

5.  Stains and longwearing lipsticks are usually very dehydrating for
the lips.  Better to use traditional lip products and be prepared to