Most couples don’t want their vendors to ever actually disappear, but a vendor who knows just when they should disappear is a good one.  If you look at most of the pictures of weddings I work on, I am almost nowhere to be found in the major pictures.  Why? Because I think that the entire reason for a ceremony is to celebrate the couple, and a way to do that is to get out of the way of the important moments as much as I can.  When it’s time for vows, I stand off to the side whispering vows for the couple to repeat.  I sneak the rings to each of the to-be-betrothed and I then really escape for the kiss.  Last week I had nowhere to go, because we were on a rooftop in the corner, so I simply made myself small, crouching down.

This not only helps the couple to feel more alone, it helps with photos.  I can say with a high degree of certainty that my couples don’t have a floating officiant’s head in their most important kiss/ring/pronouncement shots, and I love it that way!

Other vendors I admire who are almost invisible are photographers, videographers, and even DJs.  I like a DJ to host but not overhost or make the evening about themselves.  Kristina Hill, our resident photographer, does an amazing job blending in and getting shots that even the bride and groom don’t realize are happening.  What ways do you hope that your vendors will “disappear?”