Q: “Why do I need to hire a professional to do my makeup?  Isn’t that something I can do myself?”
Absolutely you can.  But hiring a makeup artist, specifically
a bridal makeup artist, is like purchasing insurance in the quality of
your appearance throughout the night.  Your wedding day will be an
absolute whirlwind of fun, and you’re going to have other things to
think about than how you look.  Sure, you can assign a bridesmaid to
let you know when your lips need a touchup (which I do recommend), but
you’re not going to want to reapply your eye makeup halfway through
the reception. You just won’t have time. Hiring a makeup artist is a great idea because we have meticulously tested product after product to find just the right ones that will really hold up for you through hours and hours of smiling, dancing, sweating, crying, rain, etc!
Many times I’ll do someone’s makeup at say 10am, for a 6pm wedding – and a reception that goes till 2am. Time and time again I see the photos and she’s still looking great, sixteen hours later.  It’s because of the products we use and the tricks and techniques we use for longevity purposes.  Regular “street” makeup is not going to hold up for you like you really need it to.  Looking amazing and knowing you don’t have to worry about any upkeep? Priceless!
In addition, that 45 minutes you spend with me in the makeup chair is
sometimes the last quiet time you get until the next day.  So I
recommend makeup time being sequestered away from the chaos of
everyone else getting ready.  Breathe, meditate, put on some soft
music, turn your phone off, don’t let anyone talk to you (except me),
and just let me make you beautiful while you mentally prepare for
what’s next.  The emotional benefits of makeup time are of
equal value to the visual payoff.