Today I wanted to share a little bit about eyebrows. Definitely an important topic!  If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the window frames.  Or the curtains.  Or the thing that makes the windows look pretty.  So for your wedding,
you’ll want them in tip-top shape.


At least six months before the wedding is when you should start thinking
about this.  If you’re an over-plucker, my advice is to let your brows
grow in as much as you possibly can (I know, it won’t look cute for a
bit, but it’ll be totally worth it) and then visit an expert eyebrow
specialist. There are brow bars all over the city.  I like the look
of threaded brows over waxed ones, but that’s a matter of
personal preference.  Get a recommendation from a friend and try to
speak to the brow specialist’s clients if you can.  One botched job
will make you fairly unhappy for several weeks.  If you’re lucky and
don’t need a complete reshaping, your makeup artist will be on-hand
for brow maintenance.


I love the look of a strong brow, but not too strong.  Again, framing
the eyes make them pop.  I find it interesting that even women who
wear makeup regularly, often neglect their brows.  The goal is to make
them the same shape, size, and length, and fill in any sparse spots.
Often after I’ve created a beautiful brow on someone who’s never seen
themselves that way before, they find it strange – as if they look
very different from before.  My advice is to just roll with it.  After
a few minutes, you’ll adjust to your new look and your face will look
better overall, trust me!  And I swear you won’t look all that
different!  Just nicely framed.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever heard about brows is that they
should be “sisters, not twins.”  So if they’re not perfectly even,
don’t stress about it.  Makeup can help even them out (I prefer a
powder to a pencil), and even then, perfect symmetry is a blessing
that none of us have!

So that’s my two cents on eyebrows.  Basically, if you’re hesitant
about how they look at first, that’s extremely common; just give
yourself time to adjust, and I swear you’ll love the look.