I’m anxious about what I should wear for my engagement shoot. Any suggestions on how to dress?

A: Great question! My biggest piece of advice to couples is to be comfortable in what they choose, it will help reflect who you are and allow you to feel more like yourself during the shoot. Definitely wear something that fits well and that you feel good in – you don’t want to be constantly checking or adjusting your clothes during a shoot. It will pull you out of the moment.

When it comes to colors, think coordinating rather than matching, choosing clothes that complement one another. If it helps, try your outfits on and stand next to one another in the mirror to see how they go together. I also love layering and adding texture to outfits or popping a bit of color.

You can also consider the season your shoot is in and what might go well with mother nature’s colors (if your shoot is outside, of course).  If you know them, you could also incorporate your wedding colors or theme into what you wear.

The only thing I advise against is matching completely (i.e. both in jeans and white shirts), because I don’t feel like it brings a realistic vibe to the photos – after all how often do you and your fiance dress like twins! I also suggest staying away from words or large logos, as they can be a bit distracting in pictures. Other than that, be yourself, relax and enjoy!