When I meet with couples and see them during that last meeting before their wedding (about two weeks before their actual date), we go over the day, the logistics, what to expect in terms of drafting their ceremony, etc. But I also always have a few things to add to my advice, in addition to the ceremony, about the weeks leading up to your wedding.

1. Take a lot of pictures.  Moments like your relatives and friends arriving, dropping off the hotel gift bags, your final dress fitting – all of it brings this very specific energy that is unique and should be captured.

2. Take a picture or photocopy of your marriage license so that if you misplace it you have your reference number on hand.

3. For the day of your rehearsal and on your wedding day, give someone else your phone. Many times, the only person a visitor can think of to call will be the bride, when in fact you will be super-busy and unable to help people navigate the city or find parking.

4. Talk to your coordinator about where you can go DIRECTLY after your ceremony for some time for just the two of you. You will never get those few minutes of freshly married time again. Let your guests find their drinks and mingle while you make out with your new spouse and share some time alone. When you emerge, even if you are together, your eyes will be separate, hosting and welcoming your guests.  Take a few moments for just you two.

5. Write a letter to your spouse-to-be to be delivered by someone in your wedding party before your ceremony.  Even if you are seeing each other beforehand, this can be a really sweet exchange.

Have a great few weeks before your wedding!