Happy Fall, Everybody!

As wedding season is winding down a bit, I wanted to talk a bit
about something I saw a lot of this year that was really not a good
thing. I wanted to call attention to it and hopefully prevent anyone
from falling victim to…..The Wrath of the Flaky Beauty Professional!

Let’s face it – whether I like it or not, some make-up and hair people
really do have the unfortunate reputation of being a bit flaky. They
show up late (or not at all). They get dates and times confused. I
don’t know why this is – I chalk it up to the artistic brain not being
good at organization. Not in all cases, but I keep seeing this type
of personality in the business. What I saw several times this year
was emails from brides panicking and saying things like: “My make-up
artist bailed on me three days before my wedding! HELP!” I was able to
bail out a couple of these gals, which was great, but not all….

So. What to do to make sure your makeup artist won’t flake on you?
Here are some ideas.

– Hire a make-up artist that specializes in bridal work. Something I
kept seeing this year was clients booking a make-up artist that would then get a  full time job at a retail counter, acting in a show, etc. Make sure your artist is a full time wedding specialist and has no aspirations to run off to work in Hollywood.

– Sign a contract and give a deposit. If you’re sure you want to work
with a certain artist, contracts and deposits make everything more
official. Brides will tell me their artist flaked on them, and the
first thing I ask is: “Well, did you sign a contract?” The answer is
always no. You sign a contract with your caterer, florist,
photographer, etc., and you should have one with your beauty pros as

– Hire a make-up artist who takes their business seriously. Someone
that just does make-up “on the side” or only on weekends isn’t
going to be up on all the new trends and products in the industry that
will make you your best possible self. Also, if they haven’t done a
lot of weddings, their timing will also probably be a bit skewed, and
you can run the risk of your makeup artist making you run late. Best
to work with someone who knows exactly how long she needs per face.