Anni Bruno NYC Faces

Something that people ask me quite a lot is: “What’s your favorite brand of make-up?” and that’s really difficult to answer!  The answer, honestly, is that I don’t have one!  I like to pick and choose bits and pieces from many different cosmetic lines.  I tend to favor the brands that offer professional discounts because I respect that they honor make-up artists in this way, and also, it’s easier to afford the luxury of trying many of the different items from these lines, as opposed to spending $40 on a mascara on a brand that doesn’t offer a pro discount, and discovering I don’t like it….a total waste. So, I do try to stick with those companies, but I honestly do believe that all make-up brands have their strengths and weaknesses, and I try to fill my kit with all the best products from many different companies.

Here are a few:

Makeup Forever
I’ve been a member of their “Backstage Pass” for a little over a year now, and it’s been great.  You get product discounts in addition to access to their master classes, which are taught in their pro shop in Union Square.  Usually the classes are “free” with a $95 purchase, but if you’re needing to stock up on supplies, this is a great time to do it, because you get a 2 hour lecture and then go shopping afterwards. It’s usually very helpful and informative.

I’ve been a MAC Pro member for about three years.  And I do have a moral issue with the whole thing.  MAC is the only cosmetic company that actually charges its artists a yearly fee to be a member.  But, after you pay the fee, you get a great product discount, and again, access to their master classes and seminars.  I actually have never taken a MAC Pro class; they book out very fast and I’ve heard they’re overcrowded, expensive, and overrated.  This doesn’t surprise me – I find many of their products to be overrated as well.  But some of them are fantastic (the lipsticks! the gel liners!) so I maintain my

I use Temptu SB airbrush foundations on almost all my brides.  The make-up lasts through hours and hours of sweat, tears, etc.; definitely the right product to be wearing on your wedding day.  I love going into their store in Manhattan – it’s really just the front reception area of their corporate office.  And there’s never anyone in there
shopping, so I love getting to chat with whoever’s working that day about what products are new.

Urban Decay
Back in the day, about ten years ago, when I started my career as a make-up artist, I freelanced for this company at various stores around NYC.  And I still love a lot of their products.  They have some of the best eyeshadows in the industry – triple milled pigments for amazing color payoff.  I still keep a lot of Urban Decay in my kit.  A lot of
my older clients would balk, I think, if they knew I was using these products, as it’s often perceived as a “kid” line, but it’s really not.  It has truly amazing items, and they’re passionate about their commitment to making cruelty-free cosmetics.  Now if they would only offer a pro-discount, I’d be much happier….

Laura Mercier
Her pro discount is very difficult to nab, and I’m still waiting on mine….still, there are amazing, can’t-live-without products within her line.  A distinguished, luxury brand, with an emphasis on natural beauty and skincare, it appeals to ladies with a more classic taste. The color palette she offers is a bit limited and subdued, but the pigmentation and quality of everything is top notch.

So those are just a few!  What are your favorites?