Officiant Carissa Templeton interviewed Tammy Golson to learn more about her work as a wedding planner.

Carissa: How can a wedding planner help with the planning process?

Tammy: We can help you organize your time and plan efficiently in an order that is most logical.   We help you set realistic goals and budgets and help you stay on target with both through regular communication, assisting you along the way. We make sure nothing has been overlooked or unattended to. We have contingency plans and can resolve situations that were unexpected.

We will recommend the the finest vendors available given the demographic, style and budget of your wedding and your personalities. We communicate with the vendors, created a detailed timeline for your wedding day and act as the point person to make sure the flow of events happen as we have carefully outlined.

Carissa: What do you suggest for couples who haven’t budgeted for a wedding planner?

Tammy: Hiring an experienced wedding planner allows you to  benefit from their knowledge and relationships. Good planners know how to stretch the dollar without sacrificing quality. We know where to save and where to splurge in terms of your wedding and what decisions affect your budget most significantly. For example season, number of guests, venue and caterers are some of the big items to consider. A good planner will have relationships with outstanding vendors who provide quality service, fair value and superb professionalism.  Hiring people on your own is often successful but there is risk in enlisting the services of people based solely on the investment. A planner gives you peace of mind that you’ve made good decisions, nothing has been overlooked, that you’ve done everything you can do to ensure your guests will be happy.

Carissa: How can a wedding planner help on the wedding day?

Tammy: I am often told I bring a calmness to the wedding day. It’s our job  to worry about everything so you don’t have to. We will confirm with all vendors, keep the day moving as it should based on the detailed timeline I’ve created and distributed and reviewed with your vendors. WE will  make sure you are fed  and as relaxed as possible and that those around you are well taken care of. My team often sets up the escort cards table, makes sure everyone, wedding party and vendors included, know where they are supported to be and when and what is expected of them. I will confirm that the photos you want are being taken, keep your gifts safe, make sure your guests are having a good time and that your loved ones know when their speeches and special dances are. I will make sure your vision is being carried out. I will collect all your personal items at the end of the evening. I will distribute final payments and gratuities.

Carissa: What do you most love about your work?

Tammy: I love helping couples celebrate their love in a creative, meaningful and thoughtful way that includes their family and friends. I love that hiring me allows couples to truly enjoy their day and be present in the moment, also leaving their mothers, sisters and best friends free of responsibility and stress and able to have fun.

Carissa: What’s it been like being a part of Brooklyn Betrothed?

Tammy: Personally it offers me an excellent sense of community and support. I love being connected to like-minded professional women.  The women of Brooklyn Betrothed offer me a great source of strength, inspiration and accountability. Professionally, Brooklyn Betrothed is a great talking point with prospective and new clients.  My voice is now reaching a much wider audience. I love being challenged and held to an even higher standard of service and expertise.