Q: All my bridesmaids are wearing the same color. Should their makeup all be the same as well?

That’s up to you.  If you have a very strong, specific color scheme
that you’re working with, then yes – it might be very cool to have the
same colors on all your bridesmaids.  However, you have to take into
account that what looks gorgeous on one gal might be the wrong fit for
another.  So, I tend to avoid this scenario if possible.  I would
prefer to choose colors and styles of makeup that accent each girl’s
individual features and unique beauty.  I always chat with the
bridesmaids about their makeup preferences so I don’t end up going too
light or too heavy.  It’s always my preference to have people looking
however they’re most comfortable.  So, usually the makeup is a bit
different on everyone.

But at the same time, if you’re doing a lime green-themed wedding, and
you’re dying to have everyone in lime green shadow, I say go for it!
It’s your day, your choice, and I can usually make most colors work on
anyone with a bit of work.