Q: What are some things I should keep in mind when planning our honeymoon?

I see a lot of couples trying to plan their honeymoon, but many just don’t have the days off from work or are students and have to get right back to school.  Here are a few things that I have learned along the way.

1. Honeymoons can be virtually anywhere.  Everyone is different, but even my most adventurous couples seem to just want to relax somewhere, to absorb the fact that they just were married and detox from all the planning and (sometimes) stress of it all.   With that in mind, sometimes a quick weekend away somewhere warm is all you need- don’t feel pressure to see the world all at once.

2. Remember that this won’t be your last vacation.  I find that a lot of couples have a hard time figuring out where to go, because there is a pressure to make it perfect.  Remember the relief you had when you found a venue, or booked the date?  Once the decision is made, you can focus on the fun details rather than wondering if you are missing out on an even better place.  If you are someone who suffers from decision overload, let your spouse plan it and have it be a surprise.

3. Things to consider: Is it bug season? Hurricane season? Would we rather rent a little home from a place like VRBO.com (which can often be more affordable anyway) or have everything taken care of, resort-style?

4. Even if you are planning a bigger honeymoon another time, try to take at least a day together after the wedding.  This is similar to the advice I give couples about some alone time after your ceremony: you’ll never get those first few days back, and they are special.  Just having time looking at your hands with wedding rings on them, and absorbing the fact that you are now a wife or a husband can be something that takes time to sink in.  Another thing that people can feel is a letdown, after all that planning, and being surrounded by those they love for a few days.  One way to make that transition a little easier is to look at pictures, or bring your guestbook or guest cards with everyone’s wishes along with you.

5. The BEST gift to give yourself for when you come home is to have your apartment cleaned, and to make sure you actually have some food or drinks in your fridge.