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I’d be remiss if all of my posts were happy and fluffy. This is an ugly topic but I want to broach it regardless. With weddings comes temptation; sad, but sometimes true.  You’ve invested so much time, money and energy into your wonderful wedding, here are a few topics to address to prevent some unfortunate mishaps.

Bridal Suite:

Ask the venue if the suite has a lock and if so, if can you have the key for the night. Then entrust that key to someone responsible whom you trust. The suite is where you’ll likely have jewelry, cash, identification, travel documents, cameras and all the personal belongings of your family and bridal party. Please ask this person to make sure this room stays locked.  Alternatively, gather the items of value and see to it that they are locked in an office or the trunk of someone’s car.

Cash Gifts:

I don’t encourage my clients to leave boxes or other decorative items out for guests to put their envelopes in. It’s my personal preference and not commonly done at weddings in New York. If people have a card with cash for you, they’ll give it to you or the responsible person who appears to be collecting the cards on your behalf. It’s amazing how quickly the word gets out on who to give the cards to. Guests are often as anxious to get rid of them as you are to receive them. Again, have someone appointed to take on this responsibility and have a plan for them at the end of the night. If you do choose to have a card box or a bird cage, please make sure it’s always in plain sight and also make someone responsible for it and as it fills up, have the cards removed and secured elsewhere.

Vendor Gratuities:

Give these to yet another responsible person with careful instructions of who to distribute how much to and at what point in the evening to take care of this.

Marriage License:

Like any important document, make a photo copy, just to be safe. That might not be enough to legalize a wedding but having it may make replacing the lost piece of paper easier if need be. Secondly, ask your officiant if you can give this to him or her the night before the wedding at the rehearsal so you don’t have to hold on to it or secure it on your wedding day.

Weddings take an army and that army is made up of a catering staff, a lighting crew, production team, etc, etc. I am certainly not pointing fingers, it’s simply important to be reminded of the values surrounding a wedding day and the importance of being proactive to make sure everything is accounted for.

Happy Planning!