Ruth Irving

Q: Do I have to put information about my reception on the invitation itself?

No. Your invitation is one of the first introductions to your friends and family about your wedding, and it’s where you set the tone.  Here are a few options of how to keep the reception information off the invitation but still communicate everything you need to to your friends and family about your wedding day.

One great option is to design an extra insert that fits into the invitation set and contains all the needed reception information: venue title, time, location, and map if needed. This insert is also a great way to incorporate a theme or personal quirk about you and your
fiance you want to share. Make it a bookmark, or a fold out with stories pertaining to the venue, or simply your favorite font on watercolor paper.

Another way to incorporate the reception is to put the information on the bottom of a map to the ceremony. Highlight the information to set it apart with a special notation or illustration.

Also, rethink the need to place all of the reception information on the invitation. For example, if your reception is at the same place as the ceremony, or is nearby, a simple “Reception to follow,” at the bottom of the invitation is perfect.