Blush is a cosmetic many women seem to be afraid of.  I blame the
1980s, when the popular look was to paint a hot pink stripe along the
cheekbone and up into the temple.  Hey, if that’s your look, and you
rock it, then I say heck yeah, go for it!  But for most women, I think
that’s what they think of when they think of blush, and therefore they
tend to avoid it altogether, which is really a shame – it does
wonderful things!

Blush is a vital cosmetic, especially for weddings or other occasions
when you’re going to be photographed.  People tend to look
super-washed out in photos. You can combat that with just the right amount of blush, and you don’t look “made up,” just healthy and glowy and not

In terms of placement, I like to put a pop of color right on the apple
of the cheek.  If you’re not sure where that is, smile; and the round,
fleshy area you see there?  That’s the apple.  Just a soft pop of
color there is gorgeous.  Matte colors are great, shimmery is lovely
too, especially for evening – but be careful with shimmer if you’ve
got more mature skin.  It can make wrinkles appear deeper.

In terms of color, I like cool colors on paler skin tones (blue-based
pinks, mauves), and then I prefer warmer colors on deeper tones
(corals, reds, plums).  The exception is if someone has very pale skin
with a strong red undertone (Irish gals are a good example of this) –
you want to avoid anything pink or red, because it’ll just make the skin
look redder.  With this skin tone you would want to go with more of a
brown or coral tone. Just do a sweep of color with a natural hair brush, and if it’s too dark, blend it out until you’ve got the desired intensity. Nothing to fear!