You and your fiancé have chosen, commissioned or designed the perfect
invitation for your wedding, and now the only thing left to decide is
what you want to say on it! The tone you use to communicate on your invitation is important to consider; it lets the guest know what type of celebration they should be prepared for, from the dress code to the general atmosphere.

There are two main categories to think about when you are deciding the
tone of your wedding: formal and informal. If you are having an
informal wedding, the style and ceremony you choose to communicate in
the invitation is completely up to you. It can be quirky, relaxed, or playful. For formal weddings there is a more structured etiquette to phrasing words
and introducing the ceremony, host line, request line, and the bride and groom line play an important role in conveying this.

Once you have decided on the tone of your wedding invitation, there are four basic pieces of information to be addressed regardless of the level of formality.

1. Names: the full names of you and your fiance
2. Directions for wedding: Date, location and time of the wedding
3. Directions for Reception: Location and time of the reception
4  Reply information

Its important to remember that this is your wedding, so set the tone and etiquette that feels right for the two of you!