Destination weddings are a wonderful departure from doing the
“traditional” thing, and have become wildly popular within the last
few years, particularly in places where the weather is always nice.
I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on the topic, as I was
married on an island off the coast of Belize in 2009.  It was
wonderful.  But I was sure to pay careful attention to my make-up that
day.  I did my own, with a little help from a friend who is also a
make-up artist.  I feared that sunny, hot temperatures would melt
everything off my face.  Luckily, in choosing the right products, I
looked fab all through the day and night.  Here are some tips on how I
did it!

– As it goes with all wedding makeup: waterproof, waterproof,
waterproof!  You’ll want to make sure everything on you, especially on
your eyes, can withstand the humidity.  A good way to test if a
product is tropics-worthy?  Apply it, then take a shower.  See how you
look afterwards.

– Foundation is a tricky one here.  The best and longest-lasting
foundation option would be airbrush make-up, but it’s hard to find
people that offer that service sometimes when you’re far from home.
The next best choice would be a powder foundation, rather than a
liquid, but be careful – many powder foundations contain ingredients
that photograph poorly.  Mineral makeup especially is just not
flattering.  So, what I did, and what I suggest is this:  use a
waterproof concealer just in the areas that you need it, and forego
foundation all over the face.  If you’ve been in the tropics for a few
days, you’ve probably got a good, healthy tan at that point, and most
likely don’t need as much foundation as you normally would.

– On the topic of tanning:  I do recommend going to a tanning booth a
couple times if you need to build up a base tan.  It’s TERRIBLE for
you, but, this is your wedding day – baking in one of those tanning
beds once or twice isn’t going to kill ya.  And it is wonderfully
preventative.  If you arrive in the tropics with a base tan, you’re
much less likely to get a bad burn.  Nothing worse than being a
sunburned bride.  And unfortunately, most sunscreens contain
ingredients that photograph poorly.  So, I strongly recommend
not wearing any on the face.  On the body, it’s ok.  So, either be
sure to have a good base tan before the wedding or stay out of
direct sunlight as much as you can.  If you burn easily, there’s
nothing more adorable than a white parasol to tote around with you.
Looks great, and protects you from getting scorched.

Just keep in mind that tropical weddings are generally during daylight
hours, and you won’t need as much make-up as you would at, say, a black
tie evening affair.  So, less is definitely more in these kinds of
situations.  A heavily made-up bride on the beach, I personally think,
is not necessary.  Just wear what you think you need to be your
prettiest, truest self.

Photo Credit: Alden Ford Photography