Don’t let our name fool you! While we are all Brooklyn-based and passionate about our bourough, most (if not all) of us have passports and welcome an opportunity to travel and if we can do it for a wedding, even better.

Thanks to my affiliation with Brooklyn Betrothed I recently had the good fortune of being invited to a resort in Jamaica hosting a few wedding planners and bloggers to showcase their property, promoting it for destination weddings. I approached this trip through the eyes of a bride (or groom)  scouting out locations for wedding.

If you are contemplating a destination wedding, here are some things you should consider early in the process.

1. Are there direct flights from your hometown? If so, what airlines fly this route? Can you get group rates or discounts on flights?

2. Are passports required? If so, will all your guests have them or will they need time to get one. If you’re not giving your guests sufficient time, you can have them visit It’s costly but efficient.

3. What will the weather/climate be? What is the best month/time of year to get married in the location of your choice and how will that affect your guests/influence your decision.  While I am psyched for warm weather, with that comes swimsuits, sundresses and sunscreen. Not complaining, I promise, just reporting.

4. Technology, phone service and currency. Find out exactly how accessible you’ll be and what you need to know about the local currency of where you’re going.

5. How long is the flight? How often are flights? How much are flight on average? How much are you willing to ask of your guests? What are the lodging options once your guests arrive?

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Happy Trails!