I love love love working with people.  Different people having different kinds of weddings, all having different stories…. I just love learning about peoples’ back lives and things we have in common.  I’m very much a people person.  But I will say, over the years I’ve seen and experienced some things that have made me less than a happy camper.  It’s nothing against the couples or their families.  I believe it’s more the fact that the people throwing the wedding have never done this before and certain things can sometimes get overlooked.  Here are a couple of ideas on how to keep everyone happy
and working at their maximum capacity.

1. Make sure your vendors are fed and watered!  This is probably the #1 thing to consider.  Particularly for those of us who will be with you for several hours.  The people who are probably most affected by this are the photographers (who could be with you for twelve or more hours).  If I’m doing a large bridal party by myself, that’s a lot of hours on my feet, working as quickly as as possible.  That’s not likely to happen if my blood sugar is crashing.  If I’m working alone, without an assistant, I don’t have anyone to fetch me bagels and coffee.  Food and drink are simple and useful things to provide your vendors that will help to get the best work out of people.

2. If a payment is due on the wedding day, make sure it’s been made clear who the money is coming from.  I’ve been known to awkwardly wait around for someone to pay me, only to realize that no one really knows whose responsibility it is – it can be super awkward!  It’s best to work out beforehand if your bridesmaids are paying for their own make-up and hair and then let your beauty team know what to expect in terms of payment. You’ll want to make it easy for the vendor to get paid and to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

3)  Tip! Tipping is a great practice for anyone that’s provided a service for you that you think deserves a little extra bit of thank you.  Hearing “thank you” always feels lovely, but another way to show your appreciation is to throw in a lil’ extra, if you think
they’ve done an awesome job.

4)  Be on time for your beauty appointments.  This one is specific to the hair and makeup people.  We meticulously create a schedule based on how many people need hair and make-up, and work backwards from the time you have to leave for the wedding.  It’s also based on how long we know it takes for us to work.  If people show up late, or don’t want to be first, or switch things around, you risk throwing off the schedule and putting the whole day off track.  The bride will not be happy and neither will the artist.  This is something a good day-of coordinator (i.e. Tammy Golson) can help with.

5. This one is make-up-specific, but be sure to arrive for your make-up appointment with a clean face.  If you’ve got make-up on already, it takes your artist time to take it off and start over from scratch.  Scheduling can be tight the morning of a wedding, so you’ll want to do everything you can to keep the day moving smoothly.  Arriving with make-up already on will add five to ten minutes to your appointment time and that’s no good!

Keep these easy tips in mind on your wedding day and your vendors will love you and do the best job they can possibly do for you!