Ruth Irving

Q: We’re going to use escort cards for our seating plan. What is the proper etiquette to use for titling the cards?

There are a few simple guidelines to help you in organizing the escort cards for your wedding. Many of these rules also apply to addressing your envelopes, and Sam Zuniss and I will go into more detail about the issues around tact, formality and respect of titles in an upcoming blog. For now, here are a few guidelines to follow:

When organizing the escort cards, you can place them in alphabetical order for your guests to look through, last name first. For the question of how many cards per guest, you can make one card per couple, married or unmarried, one for someone with a guest, and one for families.

Here are some examples of what these escort cards would look like.

For an unmarried couple, alphabetize the guests according to their last name:

Ms. Elizabeth Barnes and Mr. Lance Frances

For someone with a guest:

Mr. Lance Frances and Guest

For a married couple:

The most formal would be: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

A less formal and less controversial approach is: John and Jane Smith

For a family: The Frances Family