Anni Bruno NYC Faces

Q: I want to look extra-glam on Valentine’s Day but don’t know what make-up works well for me. Any tips?

It’s that time of year again!  Valentine’s Day, for me, has really always given me a reason to be fun and flirty with my look (as if I need a reason!). The same applies to gals who are single, engaged, married, or whatever.  If you’re looking for a fun reason to play around with some new ideas, this is a great one.

Valentine’s Day colors are traditionally red and pink, which luckily both look good on most skin tones.  Classic red lipstick and a sharp, clean eye is always a great choice.  Or, if you’re a little braver, a super hot fuchsia on the lips is gorgeous.  But again, if you’re rocking a strong lip, be wary off too much color on the eyes and cheeks.  This isn’t circus clown day. :)

Alternately, if you’d like to experiment with colors on the eyes, you can always do a soft pink on the eyes, and maybe match that with a soft peach or nude tone on the lips.  Be careful of using a pink that’s too strong- sometimes it can just come off making you look tired, or like you have pinkeye!  Not a good look.  Red on the eyes, I am totally all for it, but depending on the application technique, it can look a little extreme. But if you’re the kind of gal who doesn’t mind looking a little gothy or punky, then a dash of deep red on the eyes can be quite striking.

Finally, cheeks.  Soft beautiful, rosy pink cheeks are always a good bet.  Super hot pink cheeks can look pretty dated, but if you like it, go for it!  Red on the cheeks is ok as well, just make sure to use a teeny tiny bit and blend well. Again, we’re avoiding the clown look.

One thing to mention is that people with pink undertones need to be really careful working with this color palette. If your skin is super ruddy or has a strong pink undertone, you’re not going to want to add pink or red.  You’ll just end up looking a little tomatoey. So, If thats the case, I’ve always enjoyed using metallics and chrome for Valentine’s Day looks.  Silvers and golds will still give you the fun you’re trying to achieve with your look, without exaggerating an undesirable undertone.

So, have fun this Valentines day! Whether you’re single or not, it always feels good to look good!