Q: I’m looking for a unique, non-traditional gift to give my fiance on our wedding day. Ideas?

Yes!  I am passionate about gift-giving, and especially love coming up with gifts that are personal, meaningful and memorable.  What better occasion than getting married to come up with something special and different?  Here are an assortment of ideas to get you started in creating a gift that’s lasting.

1. Letterpress your vows.  I’m stealing this one from my husband, who gave me our wedding vows letterpressed and framed immediately after our ceremony. It’s a gift that will forever be cherished and hung on your wall as a daily reminder of your heartfelt promises to each other.

2. Create a scrapbook.  Put together mementos you’ve saved over the years: love letters, boarding passes to vacations taken together, emails you wrote to friends about your fiance when you first started dating, etc.  Or create a scrapbook of a different sort: gather matchbooks from restaurants, hotels, and the like that have special meaning for you two and put them in a glass vase as a romantic timeline from then to now.

3. Put “your song” in writing.  Frame the sheet music to the song you fell in love to or from your “first dance” or have the opening (or most meaningful) lyrics printed on a pillow or ring bowl (Etsy is a great source) or engraved on a silver frame or another object that would have personal meaning for your honey.

Hopefully these ideas will stir the creative process for you. I invite you to share your own most memorable gifts, either given or received!

Happy gift-giving, and happy marriage!