There is a saying that rain on your wedding day is good luck, since a wet knot is harder to untie. And while few couples would choose to marry in inclement weather, April showers don’t need to take away from the true meaning and significance of your day.

First and foremost, plan for the weather. If your wedding is dependent on blue skies and sunshine, having a rain plan will prepare you for whatever Mother Nature delivers. Umbrellas, rain boots, and weather accessories have come along way and can provide a great accent and splash of color to a white dress or a dark suit.

Getting married outside? What is the timing? When does a rain call need to be made in order to assure an impeccable set up of your alternative location? This will vary by venue, set-up and design professionals. Initiate these conversations even though you may not want to think about this.

Transportation may be complicated by weather. Have a bus, car service or alternative transportation company on call if you are expecting wedding guests and bridal parties to be at various locations on foot.

Footwear – Rubber boots are good accessories and will make getting to and from locations easier (especially if you’re determined to have pictures outside and if your photographer is able to accommodate this request). Also, have someone else on hand to help carry your dress, so it doesn’t drag through the puddles.

Guests – Have extra umbrellas on hand for guests, or include a reminder on your wedding website that your wedding will be outside and guests should dress accordingly.  Maybe add something like: “the wackiest or most interesting umbrella wins a prize!”

Temperatures – Wraps or shawls for guests can keep ladies warm during a chilly ceremony. You can purchase them inexpensively in the color of your wedding and tie them creatively to alternating chairs. They will add a splash of color and be functional in battling the goose bumps.

Vendors – Can your photographer, videographer, DJ and band perform their job in the rain? Ask. Don’t assume. Have they done it before? What do they do to prepare for this and is there anything you can do to make this easier on them?

Photography – If your first choice of location for pictures is outside, ask your photographer for their input on an alternative location for couple shots and family pictures.

While weather can change the course of one’s wedding day and complicate logistics, some of my favorite weddings have been sprinkled by unexpected rain.  Take it in stride. Instead of focusing on the weather, look at your flowers, dance with your spouse, eat a second piece of your cake and make a toast acknowledging all your guests for weathering the elements to be with you to celebrate your marriage.

Happy planning!