You’re not alone. Every couple is! One of the most popular questions I’m asked by anyone planning a photo shoot is: “What do we do if it rains?”

When it comes to engagement sessions, if a couple has their heart set on an outdoor location and the forecast calls for definite rain, I will often give them the option of rescheduling, if my schedule allows. You can always ask your photographer if this is a possibility, but keep in mind that 24 or even 48 hours cancellation notice is often required. In addition, they may not be able to reschedule you for some time. Lastly, if you are overly cautious you risk postponing when it’s not necessary.

The more common approach and the only option on a wedding day is to devise a plan B. This is usually indoor photos and should be discussed with your photographer when you do a venue walk-through or in one of your final meetings. Even if rain isn’t in the forecast yet, you want to be sure to have a rain plan in place so you aren’t scrambling the night before your wedding for ideas!

With light rain or mist, couples should come prepared – there is no reason to not have a little fun.

Think rain boots:

A fun umbrella:

A photographer shouldn’t mind shooting in light rain, so don’t worry about their gear.

This lovely couple had their hearts set on an outdoor photo, even with a pretty severe storm outside. With an outgoing wedding party and enough umbrellas for everyone, we managed to pull the below shot off (and have a bit of fun doing so!). Keep in mind that if you are going to brave the rain, take your indoor shots first as it might take time for dresses and suits to dry!

During the cocktail hour, I noticed the rain had let up a bit so I grabbed the bride and groom to capture this shot.

Believe me, photographers want outdoor images just as much as you do! A good photographer will keep an eye on the weather and borrow the couple for a few portraits if we see that the rain has let up.

From a photography point of view, there is definitely an upside to some rain – beautiful skies and perfect light! Just before and just after a storm, you often have some of the most gorgeous lighting possible. The below photos were taken either just before or just after it rained.

The bottom line is that weather is something we can’t control at all – we have to work with it and most experienced photographers know how to do just that.  Keep in mind, a little rain never hurt anyone! And in this couple’s experience, a perfectly sunny day for an engagement shoot brought unexpected ‘showers’ from the park’s sprinkler system – leaving them soaked, but enjoying the unexpected memory!