Today marks our 100th blog post! We’d like to pour you a glass of virtual bubbly and throw some digital confetti up in the air in celebration of this milestone, but more importantly to show you our sincere gratitude. Thank you for your interest, support and enthusiasm surrounding our initiative. It’s been a sweet ride already but truthfully we’ve only just begun. We have months of interesting topics in the works. We are so happy you found us. Thanks for reading our posts, sharing your feedback, telling your friends, inviting us along during your wedding planning journey and sharing this very important time in your life with us.

We know the amount of information available on the internet can be overwhelming, especially during the process of planning a wedding. Thank you for choosing to read Brooklyn Betrothed. If this is your first visit or you’ve made reading our blog a weekly ritual, we appreciate your time, value your loyalty and look forward to continuing to provide valuable information, stunning photography and firsthand knowledge, experience and expertise times seven.

So if you’re curious about how we met, here’s: The Story of Us.  To learn how we launched, check out Launch Party: The Design and Launch Party: The Food, what we’ve been up to recently: Wedding Crashers, or simply want to get to know us better, enjoy the links to some of our most popular posts and our individual biographies.

Here’s to the next 100 posts and so forth. Cheers to our readers, followers, supporters, colleagues and friends. Thank you for the warm reception!

Anni, Carissa, Kristina, Rebecca, Ruth, Sam and Tammy