Many couples know right away whether they are picturing an outdoor or indoor ceremony. This is usually based on which month of the year the wedding is planned for and what stylistic influences the venue provides. Always go with your instincts when dreaming up what you want your ceremony flowers or structure to look like. It’s the florist’s job to make sure that the ceremony flowers will also suit the back-up, indoor location. Always have a back up location! Luckily, I have only worked with professionals that also “hope for the best, and plan for the worst.” Often the planner or venue will suggest where to move your sacred ceremony decor.

Each venue has a different approach to relocating the ceremony if troublesome weather is on its way. Some will make the call the morning of the event and others will decide right down until about an hour before guest’s arrive. Timing is crucial for the florist to be able to have ample time to put together your ceremony flowers, especially if it’s a chuppah or archway, which are mostly put together on the spot. Keep in mind that the decor may have be modified or changed in order to suit an indoor/back-up ceremony site. For instance, if you have iron shepherd hooks that were stuck into the ground with hanging mason jars stuffed with flowers for your aisle decor, these will need some modifications. Now that you have moved indoors, we can no longer “stick” the iron hooks into the ground. We would have to renovate the mason jar so that they could hang off of the side of the chair. Then, there is always the chance that the chair doesn’t have the little end bit (I call it the nub!) that we florists always look for so that we have something to hang the actual jar/flowers from. If this is the case, the jar would have to sit on the floor next to the chair.

Petals can also be an issue if your ceremony site changes. Ask your venue if they allow petals inside. Sometimes this is a problem if there is carpet (not a usual problem in NYC) or if it’s not conducive for the venue to have quick turnover from ceremony site to reception. That being said, we may have a huge bag of petals that were meant for your outdoor aisle that now can’t be used for that specific purpose. However, there are always places to add petals so they do not go to waste. They can be sprinkled on the card table, around tea lights on small cocktail tables, ledges in the bathroom, mantles, etc.

Remember to be flexible! This will really help you to stay calm and roll with the punches on your big day. After all, the most important part is that you will be surrounded by all those who love you and you will be married to the one you love regardless of which way the wind blows.