Q: We want to plan a wedding after party. Where do we start?

It’s becoming increasingly common for couples to extend the wedding celebration in the form of an after party. And how formal or relaxed it is, like your wedding, is up to you. But if you’re all planned out and not sure what do, here’s some help.

-Determine the budget (cash bar is acceptable, but then you might want to consider providing late night snacks). Also, determine who is hosting this and picking up the tab.

-Think about what your priority is.  Is it dancing, scene, music, bar, food, games, location, convenience?

In addition:

-Consider how many people you will invite/will realistically be joining you.

-Find venues in the vicinity of your reception or your guests’ hotels. Or be prepared to provide transportation if a more distant location is preferable.

-Check availability and secure a location that can accommodate a group of your size.

-Visit the venue at the time of your after party on the weeknight your event will be so you can survey the vibe and overall experience first hand. How long does it take to get a drink? Is it crowded? Can you hear your conversation? Does that matter? Is there room on the dance floor, etc?

-Those partaking in adult beverages will welcome however you plan to extend the celebration. After party information can be distributed by word of mouth, by wedding website or by printed cards distributed at the end of the night. If guests are from out of town or without vehicles, it’s especially important to provide numbers for cabs or car services for late night return trips back to hotels.

Happy Planning!