Q: I’m having an outdoor wedding that goes from day to night.  How should
I approach my make-up design?

Keep in mind that in natural light, you see everything.  Every little
detail, every flaw, everything.  So, you’ll want to make sure your
make-up artist has a very steady hand – making sure that eyeliner is
straight, every blemish is covered, etc.  And you don’t want to wear a
ton of makeup for a daytime, outdoor wedding.  It’ll look heavy in
pictures.  After the sun goes down, and you’re partying by the
moonlight (or candlelight, or whatever), your features will need a
little amping up, to make sure your features are still showing up in
the photos.  I would recommend applying a heavier eyeliner, maybe if
you only had liner on the top, you can now add some under the eye.
And lips – you don’t want your mouth to disappear in dim light – so, a
deeper shade of lipstick is recommended.