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Q: What is the difference between an escort card and a name tag?

Escort cards and name tags are both ways of helping your guests find their place to sit at your wedding. These elements can add a lovely personal touch to the overall aesthetic and feeling of the day.

Escort tags vary greatly in design, but hold the same essential information: the guest’s name and table.  You can write multiple guests’ names together on one escort card for a couple or family. The escort cards are then displayed together before the guests enter the dining area, typically in alphabetical order. A tree, box of lollipops, chalkboard or antique shelves are a few ways of displaying escort cards.

Name tags are usually found at the table in front of a seat. They can be displayed on the table, held by succulents, toys, or placed on top of the menu or napkin on the plate. The largest difference when thinking about what option you want to go with is that with escort cards your guests find their own seats at a chosen table. With name tags, you decide in which seats your guests will sit at a chosen table.