Kristina and I were treated to a delicious lunch and a tour of BLDG 92, a new venue in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This modern and modest new spaces boast a stunning view of Brooklyn that is a must see. Our tour was paired with the food savvy duo Parker Red (of the well known Ted and Honey). In addition to an array of delicious appetizers, we dined on pulled pork, accompanied by all the homemade condiments – a strong contender for my last supper.

The space’s options go far beyond the four walls of this room – think balconies, rooftops, the freshest and most seasonal ingredients grown with you in mind. Looking for a different experience and if you don’t want to plan your grandmothers wedding? You have to check this place out. Brooklyn Betrothed can’t wait to partner with this space for some cool couple planning to get hitched.
Tammy and Kristina