This is an idea of what happens to my kit pretty much every time I even attempt to take it on the subway:


I cannot tell you how heartbreaking it is when this happens, and it happens all the time. Brand new shadows, powders, blushes – destroyed and unusable. Hauling my Zuca bag up and down the stairs in the subway system is a surefire way to destroy my stuff. This is part of why many artists charge a “kit fee” on top of their rate: to cover the loss of any products that were damaged in transit.

We also generally need to bring along a lot more stuff than you’d ever think we do!

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I’ve also got a few other large pieces of equipment in my arsenal: a chair and a light.  The chair is necessary unless we’d have access to a bar stool or other high chair.  I’ll be standing, you’ll be sitting, but we need to be at eye-level with each other.  So, this is sometimes the most important thing I bring along.  And the light is important too.  So many NYC apartments and hotel rooms are just dark as dungeons.  There’s no way to tell if I’m doing good work if the light is bad, so, bringing my own can be vital.

41g0xthpT-L._SL500_SS500_ Light_kit_postitions

Along with these, I’ve got my airbrush kit. It’s a very delicate piece of equipment, and parts break easily (especially if jostled around on subway steps). In addition to the case that holds all the equipment, I always bring along a spare battery and a spare gun, just in case anything conks out on me.

TMPtemptuair_2_300w TMPtemptuair_3w500

A lot of people book me for their weddings outside the city, and I’m often told the venue is close to the train station. I reply – that’s great – but I still have to rent a car, and I’m going to have to charge you for that. That has definitely turned off a client or two in the past, because I think that non makeup artists just have no idea how much stuff we have to lug around with us.

True, we could bring less stuff, but at the risk of not having exactly what you and your bridal party might need or want. It’s always the one time I decide not to bring my palette of green eyeshadows that everyone decides they want emerald eyes.  It’s best to be prepared!!!!