Doing your own makeup in proper lighting is really important. Remember when Bridget Jones was in the cab and she threw some rouge on her cheeks real fast but then it turned out to be eyeshadow and she showed up to the party with grey cheeks?  That’s a famous example of why you should do your makeup in good lighting.

Or, if you’re getting your makeup done by someone else, in a hurry, and in a dark place, the results can be disastrous. See poor Nicole below for a notorious example.


Something to keep in mind is this. If you do your makeup for yourself, in your home, you probably have your foundation color already color matched to your skin. So, it’s hard to go wrong. As a makeup artist, I am meeting you (often for the first time) and I have to figure out your foundation shade based on your undertone, as well as choosing the right formulation for your skin type. Often, I create a customized foundation color for every client. If I don’t have the proper lighting, then I don’t know if I’m really getting the right color match.

If I’m coming to do makeup in your home, the best room to set up in is usually the kitchen. If you’re lucky, and you have a breakfast nook with high chairs, and it’s in direct access of natural light, then – perfect! You’ve got the perfect setup for makeup, and I don’t have to bring my chair or my lighting rig. However, this is NYC, so, most kitchens look more like this:


So in that case, we’d probably be best served by clearing off a table from somewhere else in the apartment and moving it close to a window. Bathrooms are almost never the answer. Unless you have a bathroom that looks like this:


More often than not, in NYC, the bathrooms look more like this:


Not a lot of room to work in there. Even in some of the nicest hotels, the rooms themselves can be dark as tombs, and the bathrooms even worse. This can be especially true in NYC, with space at a premium, and tall buildings blocking what light is able to come into the room’s windows.


That dim flourescent light is not going to work. Even with my years of experience, if I can’t see what I’m doing, the work isn’t going to be any good. I wish I could develop cat-like night vision to be able to see colors sharply in dim light. But until science figures out how to do that, we need a plan B.  I try to bring my Glamcor light with me whenever possible; it really helps a ton.  That, in conjunction with all the natural light available in the room, will make sure I’m doing my best work.