Engagement Season is well underway and we’ve already heard from many newly engaged couples. Congratulations to all the couples who plan to wed in 2013 and 2014. To those who are initiating proposals, here are some things to consider:

Public or Private

Consider what your beloved would be most comfortable with. What will inspire comfort, confidence, romance and excitement?

Family Involvement

Even if your future fiancé is independent, you may want to consider involving their family if it’s appropriate.  In lieu of asking for father’s permission, you can have a conversation with both parents, or plan to see them right after to share the good news in person so they can take part in this exciting time.  For encore engagements, including children from previous relationships in the proposal is a great opportunity to start things off on a positive note for everyone involved.

The Ring

Ask your partner to weigh in, if you really plan to make the proposal a surprise, solicit the help of someone close to your partner, or offer a place holder—with a plan to shop for the ring soon after the proposal, so the ring your fiancée will wear forever is one that is cherished.  Two fun Brooklyn stores to shop for rings at are:  The Clay Pot  in Park Slope and Catbird in Williamsburg.

The Story

Remember while I would encourage anyone asking to be themselves and speak from the heart and be as organic as possible,  this is a really meaningful and significant time in both your lives. This is a story you and your partner will share for years to come. Take the thought, time and love this process deserves. Listen to your heart and consider what will make your future fiancée feel happy, excited and loved.

Best of luck and once the proposal is finished, please share the story with us, we’d love to hear how you did it and your fiance’s reaction, so we can offer you and your fiancée our sincere congratulations!