With engagement season upon us, many couples will beging their wedding planning and with that comes an engagement session! A lot of couples are understandably nervous about their engagement shoot. So I wanted to give you a few fun ideas that might help you to plan yours with your photographer!

First, choose a location that holds meaning for you and your fiancé. Maybe it’s the cafe where you had your first date or the spot where you got engaged. Or how about the farmer’s market where you shop together on Saturday mornings, followed by the spot where you brunch directly after?  If the location is a place that holds significance, you will feel much more comfortable interacting naturally. Making use of the environmental ‘props’ a location offers and the feelings and memories associated with that spot can have a huge impact on your shoot.

Be sure to wear what you feel comfortable in. Yes, it’s important to coordinate, but ultimately you want to be yourself.  I tend to recommend that couples don’t think in terms of matching, but lean more towards coordinating. Consider textures, colors, layers, and patterns when picking out clothes and choose clothes that you feel good in. We all have a shirt that brings out our eyes or a dress that we feel flatters our figure. Before your shoot, you can try on the clothes you plan to wear and stand next to one another in your outfits to see how they look together.

A little tip that Anni taught me – try to schedule your make up trial on the same day as your shoot. I know paying for make up and hair is an added expense at a time when every dollar really counts, so why not use your trial wisely? This will also give you an opportunity to see how your make-up photographs.

I always encourage my couples to make use of their engagement photos! It’s very rare to have a professional set of photographs, so don’t let them go to waste! Aside from using them for your Save-the-Dates, ask your photographer if they offer guest books or unique products featuring engagement images. You can incorporate them into your table numbers, favors, decorations… the opportunities are endless!

Lastly, treat your engagement shoot like it’s important (it is!). It’s a special occasion and you should be well rested and mentally prepared. Get plenty of rest the night before the shoot and drink lots of water so you’re hydrated and feeling good! If possible, plan it for a time of day when you’re at your best (i.e. Try not to rush there from work!), so you feel composed and calm. But most importantly, have fun! It’s quality time spent with your fiancé and your photographer, so relax and enjoy yourself!