While our passion for what we do, our commitments to our crafts and our connection to one another remains strong, much has happened in the past year too, both personally and professionally. We thought it was time to catch you up with us individually, so we all took time to answer the following questions.

We are grateful to our loyal readers who keep coming back for more, and we are equally as enthusiastic about getting acquainted with those who are new to the blog. So, whether your wedding is around the corner, or if you are newly engaged or somewhere in between– we hope you’ll enjoy catching up with us through this series.

Let’s start with our newest member, Michelle of Haute So Sweet.


1. What was your biggest achievement of 2012 or is there something that happened this past year that you’d like to share or especially proud of?

My biggest achievement of 2012 is finally finding a production space! I can now implement all my ideas for growth for the coming year.

2. Was there something you saw at a wedding, learned from a client or colleague or cam across in the industry that is valuable and can benefit future couples planning weddings?

So many grooms are now taking an active role in wedding planning, especially in the cake decision process.  I’ve worked with several grooms who were in charge of choosing the cake.

3. What are you most looking forward to in 2013 personally or professionally?

2013 will be very exciting for Haute So Sweet.  I’m in the process of hiring production assistants which will give me the opportunity to step up my marketing efforts.  I’m very excited to be a part of Brooklyn Betrothed.  This will be a very productive year!

4. Do you have one wedding moment that stands out above the rest?

I love that couples are seeking out different presentations for their wedding cakes.  My favorite this year were the cake pop cakes.  I anticipate doing more for 2013.

5. How has your involvement with Brooklyn Betrothed affected your business, life or approach to your craft?

As a new member, I see so many opportunities to be exposed to new markets.  Plus, working with smart and creative women will challenge me to step up.

Thanks Michelle! Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I’m looking forward to seeing creative and individualistic weddings for the coming year!

Read more about Michelle here.  Hungry for cake? Check out her website.

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