Hey y’all. As many of you know, I’m not one to buy into trends. I think they come and go so quickly, that if you are a trend follower, you tend to end up with clothes and makeup purchases that you don’t want to wear a year later. And what a waste of money is that! Also, I genuinely feel that it is better to wear things on your face (and body) that highlight your best features, enhancing your natural beauty, rather than buying into what’s “in” at the moment. True beauty is timeless, trend-focused beauty is what the corporations are trying to sell us.

That being said, I have noticed some trends lately that I’m really excited about. Here are a few:

Intense poppy lipstick
I am such a fan of lipstick, in bright, fun colors. The vast majority of my clients don’t like the feeling or the look of too much lipstick, but there’s so many out there now that glide on and feel lightweight. Getting used to the color upgrade, that may take a little time.



Colored eyeliner
This look was once considered quite dated. Maybe because of all the awful bright blue liner that was so popular in the ’80s. But now I’m seeing it in smaller doses, and with more muted colors. I love a mossy green liner on the bottom or a deep, almost black purple. And I think navy blue will make a big comeback.



Colored Hair
FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this to get popular again since I was 15. I’ve been bleaching and dying my hair crazy colors since then. For many years, only the seriously alt-girls did this. The punks, goths, or various other subculture freaks. Now it’s being done in ways that are classy and beautiful, and otherwise conservative-dressing or even preppy girls are doing awesome things with their hair colors. I’m so happy.



So very pleased that it seems women are taking more risks with their looks!