Everyone looks better with a tan, especially brides. Since many do end up wearing some shade of white on the big day, a spray tan is definitely something to consider for those gals not wanting to disappear in all their photos. Pale colors of any kind can make you look washed out, and a natural glow will make you pop by contrasting with the dress a bit more. But never in a heavy way!

Here’s NYC Faces‘ resident tanning specialist Audrey with her two cents on the matter:

Spray tanning has come a long way from the days of lycra, leg warmers and Sun-In. Though recommended as an alternative to sun tanning by any dermatologist you ask, many women are still convinced they will be the oompa loompa bride. Spray tans are a bit like breast implants or hair extensions – you only recognize the bad ones. The good ones go unnoticed, subsequently never getting any credit.

Working our 9-5, lugging groceries into a cab, or cleaning out the kitty litter are not activities that require a bronze glow. Throw us into a white gown and put us under a photographers glaring lights, and all of a sudden extra color isn’t such a bad idea. Ask your makeup artist how many tricks she has up her sleeve so you’re not washed out in pictures. It’s real! So the best way to approach a spray tan is the same way you would your other important services. Do your research, ask questions, and most importantly, start early with a trial tan. Though my services are divine of course, I am shocked at how many brides show up 2 days before their wedding and just trust (hope) that they will like the color.

A savvy bride will have her trial appointments set up months in advance, allowing her a hiccup free final appointment before the wedding. Doing so gives you the chance to adjust depth of color with your artist. All this, plus no wrinkles, skin damage or melanoma. Now you’re not just a savvy bride, but one who knows how to turn back the clock too. Just not to bicycle shorts and scrunchies. No one wants to see those back.