Q: Deciding on our wedding venue was a difficult process, I’m hoping the most difficult as we go along. Will any of the remaining planning be as difficult as this decision was, or will I get to sit back and enjoy the rest?

First, congratulations on your engagement and on finding your wedding venue!

The planning process is of course different for every couple, with certain decisions being emotionally charged for some and barely a blip for others.  That said, picking the venue tends to be one of the trickiest parts, as it encompasses many different decisions. Deciding on a guest list is the biggest piece of choosing a venue.  You might want to get married in your favorite restaurant that will hold a maximum of seventy-five guests, but your fiance has a hundred or so “musts” on his/her list alone.

Now that you’ve made those decisions, how can you relax for the rest of the process?  Laughing helps, perspective is crucial, and being surrounded by people who ground and support you is priceless.

Here’s a “creative writing” exercise to try:

Write a pretend “journal entry” dated the day after your wedding and describe how (in your ideal) your wedding experience was.  How did you feel waking up the morning of your wedding?  Who did you have by your side as you got ready?  What was most moving about your ceremony?  Who did you dance with at your reception and what moments made you laugh and cry?  Really connect with the emotions of the day, in as much sensory detail as possible, and keep this journal present so you can be reminded of what the event means to you in the moments the details and complications of planning get overwhelming.