Q: Should I get tall or short centerpieces?

You have picked your date, chosen your venue, now it’s time to gear up in the decor department! There are of course SO many things to consider, florals often being a big part of the picture. The florals and decor set the tone for your wedding as well as being a playful way to to share your style and sometimes humor!

So, short vs. tall centerpieces.  If you go tall, you are going for the little bit more dramatic, sometimes fancier look. You will want to consider the ceiling height and of course the look of the room to determine if you want to go with tall centers. As a general rule of thumb, the tall centerpieces need to be greater than 24″ inches so that guests can see each other. I have found that the majority of clients prefer short centerpieces to tall ones. They say that even if the pedestal or vase is thin or clear, people can still find this annoying when they are visiting. The general rule for shorter centerpieces is that they need to be under about 12″ in order for guests to comfortably see over the arrangement. Shorter arrangements can still be elegant and dramatic, but, it is often chosen because it’s a little more playful and there seem to be a LOT more options in the container department. Either which way you decide; tall or short, you will need to decide whether or not you want your guests to take the centerpieces home. Often my containers are rentals, and we’ll need to know if you plan on having your guests taking home the centerpieces at the end of the night. If we’re using my grandmothers tea set for instance, I’ll need to know that it’s a rental only! Of course, there is a reflection in price if you’re having your guests take home the arrangement in a fancy silver pedestal vs. a silver/plastic container.

How is the budget in comparison to tall vs. short? There is no real answer in my opinion! If you just want all cherry blooms in a tall glass cylinder, yet, you want your low centerpiece action packed with fancy flues, it could end up at twice the price of your tall simple cherry blossom arrangement!

Finally, so many brides only consider alternating two designs. Tall and short. I say plug in 3 designs if you want! Or, for a recent wedding I did, we had a totally different arrangement on each table! Remember, this is YOUR wedding. You are allowed to break out of the box and mix things up to your hearts desire.