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After months of meetings and trips to Massachusetts our sister is born. Welcome to Boston Betrothed and congratulations to all the fine pros who have had a hand in launching the new website today.

This is especially rewarding and significant to me as I initiated this project as my personal relationship grew more serious and I started to see my wedding planning business expanding.

Brooklyn Betrothed – the concept and collective has been so important to my business and me personally. Thrilled to be partnering with some equally wonderful people in the New England area, I optimistic this fab new crew will accelerate my acclimation to this beautiful new market.

Excited to share my expertise and collaborate with natives of New England, it is truly the perfect compliment to the weddings and clients I plan and enjoy in New York.

If you’re new to the blog you can learn more about me and my new friends here. Brooklyn Betrothed visited Boston a few weeks ago and our very special lunch is featured here.

Thank you for checking out the newest member of our Betrothed family!