You may have noticed, in your search for your wedding-day beauty team, that there seem to be far more makeup artists available than hairstylists. And it’s absolutely true. And frustrating for me, as all my clients seem to need hair as well. I have a ton of great makeup artist colleagues that I trust, but very few hairstylists. It still remains somewhat of a mystery… but here are my working theories.


1) Hairstylists often don’t want to live the risky, unpredictable career of a freelancer. And honestly, why would you? If you could have a cushy salon job where you’re guaranteed clients every day, why would you be out there, hustling to build your brand and gain clientele when you can just piggyback on someone else’s name and reputation? Makes perfect sense. This is much harder for a makeup artist to do, so, naturally, most of us end up freelancing.

2) Most hairstylists that are fully freelance (i.e. not affiliated with a salon) work in fashion, where they stand to make $1,000 or more per day, so they don’t pursue private clients. Rather, they work with managers and agents that line them up with big budget, corporate photo shoots and shows.

3) Most hair salon owners don’t want to let their stylists out on a weekend for a freelance job. Because then the salon loses money. Similarly, why would a hairstylist take a single bride in the middle of the day on a Saturday when they could work in the salon all day (the busiest day of the week) and rake in the cash? It doesn’t make fiscal sense for them.

So, what is the solution, you say? Well, there are finally starting to be some great freelance hair people in the wedding business. People who specialize in bridal styling that lasts and lasts. I think the city is still lacking, but, word is finally getting out that they are needed.