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Brooklyn Betrothed is pleased to feature Adam Mason, Founder, Musical Director and Bassist for the band 45 Riots, as our “Brooklyn Bro” of the month.  Adam has worked extensively in the NYC wedding circuit and shares some tips on choosing the right band for your wedding.  Here are Adam’s tips on how to choose the best band for your wedding.

45 Riots Photo Shoot 1

There are wedding bands and bands that play weddings.  The former performs primarily at weddings on the weekends.  The latter plays together regularly at weddings and private parties, but they may also write, produce, and perform original music together.  Choosing a band that has a camaraderie due to performing and creating music together will not only be reliable and perform technically well, but will inspire your guests to get out of their seats and onto the dance floor.  See them perform, meet the players, get to know your band starting with the musicians themselves.

Unless you want to have a swing-style big band, the days of enormous wedding orchestras are obsolete. All you need is a band with a smoking rhythm section throwing it down and lighting it up.  If the bass player and the drummer are locked together like brothers-in-arms low-crawling in the mud behind enemy lines, if the keyboardist has the sounds and touch to build a rich, textured palette of color, if the guitarist is a rhythmic freight train and soloing sorcerer inciting the inner rock stardom of each of your guests, then you have the foundation laid for an uncompromising, unrelenting dance set sure to be spoken of for years to come.

You can take the most savory ingredients and throw them together in a pot, but if you don’t have that old-fashioned natural instinct like Grandma behind a pot of Sunday sauce, you just don’t know what to expect.  Who is running the band at your wedding?  The person you deal with should be the bandleader, not a corporate salesman, and the bandleader should be a true performing member of the band.  He or she must understand the music in the first person to create and reflect the energy of the audience.  The band must look beyond the stage and become united with the people, moving together, living in the music as one singular entity.

Follow your instincts.  Remember what made you fall in love with music in the first place, whether is was singing into your hairbrush, or falling asleep with your Walkman on.  Music means something to you – it is that knowing friend, that place of bared emotion.  Find a band that performs not notes but inspiration – your party will rock.

-Adam Mason

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