Whatever this bride is wearing on her lips, she definitely had to reapply it several times during her wedding. And this particular makeup design is all about her lips, and it is gorgeous.


I do tell clients that they have the option to keep me around for touchups throughout the wedding, but, it’s really not necessary, as the only think she’ll need to touch up is her lipstick.  But unfortunately, she usually gets swept up in the excitement of the day and forgets.

So I always provide the bride’s lip products for her (liner, lipstick, gloss, etc).  I also provide a translucent powder compact with a mirror and sponge for shine touchups, and also so I know she has a mirror on hand to touch up her lips.  And I give this little bag of goodies to the bride, if she’ll be carrying a clutch, or, to the maid of honor or mom or person looking after her.  I tell that person to watch the bride and make sure to let her know when her lip color has faded.

Because no stain in the world is gonna last through the entire day.  Such a product does not yet exist.

Yet still, I see my clients in their wedding photos afterwards, and more often than not, their lips have disappeared into the abyss.  It’s disappointing because we usually spend so much time at the trial finding just that perfect shade… and it mostly doesn’t get seen.

So, just a friendly reminder ladies… don’t forget about your lips!  I know you’ll have lots of other things to think about, but, this is important too!