Another thing that gets asked of me quite a lot is how the day-of timeline should run, in reference to the hair and makeup schedule. If you’ve hired a wedding planner or a day-of-coordinator, great! They’ll be able to help guide you through it. And if not, I’ll be there to make sure things run along smoothly. Here’s some things to remember.

1) Hair & Makeup take longer than you think they will.

For makeup I always schedule an hour with the bride and time permitting, 30-45 minutes with others. This may sound like a lot of time, but it really isn’t. Doing your own makeup with your own products is a completely different ballgame than hiring a pro to take care of several people.

For example, if you’re putting on your own mascara, you put it on directly with the brush from the tube. If a pro is putting makeup on you, she’ll have dipped a disposable makeup wand into the mascara, used it, and tossed it away.

Similarly, she won’t just be dipping her fingers into jars. She should be carefully pulling things out and putting them on sterilized palettes, or, the clean back of her hand. Basically, I just tell people to keep in mind that a sanitary artist will take her time to make sure her kit (and you!) stay germ-free.

And for hair, I know that hair is usually set with hot rollers, then they have to cool down, and then the hair will be let down and styled. So, this is a multi-phase process which will also take up a good chunk of time.

2) You’ll want someone in the hair chair and someone in the makeup chair, rotating everyone around until everyone is finished.  Not cool to make your bridesmaids wait around twiddling their thumbs, same with your stylists.

3) Unless it is bride-only for hair and makeup, you will need separate hair people and makeup people. If it’s just the bride for hair and makeup, and you can find a stylist that is great at both (it is SO RARE), then that’s the best thing to do. But you can’t expect one person to handle all those services on her own. It just takes up too much time. And no one wants to be all exhausted by the time the wedding rolls around.

4) Ideally, hair should happen before makeup. But it’s not completely vital. Just preferred.

5) Keep in mind that your makeup artist will want to arrive about 20 minutes before the first application, and will need about a half hour at the end to clean up. At least I need a full half hour. For example, if I wait until I get home to clean my airbrush gun, it clogs. So I have to do it as soon as I finish.

6) Your makeup artist will need table space, access to natural light, and a tall chair. All hotels have barstools they can bring up to the room. If you’re prepping in a location with no tall chair, let your makeup artist know. In those cases, I bring mine. It’s big and bulky but saves my back and prevents me from doing your makeup all hunched over you. Save time that morning by having the room set up with designated hair and makeup areas. Hair will need a regular-height chair, table space, and outlets.

Hope that helps!