Sam (Kristina Hill Photography)

Q: How do I not hire my florist’s daughter, a wedding photographer, without offending anyone?

Planning a wedding without offending someone is a feat next to impossible!  In an ideal world, friends, family, and in this case vendors, would have only one goal: to support you and your fiancé in creating the wedding that reflects what matters most to you.  Unfortunately, it rarely works that way – at least one person’s feathers will be ruffled along the way.

So how to handle an awkward situation with your florist?  Thank her/him for letting you know their daughter is a wedding photographer and if you already have a photographer lined up, say just that (or if you haven’t, “stretching the truth” to avoid hurt feelings is completely acceptable) and that you’d be happy to pass the photographer daughter’s info along to other engaged couples you know.  That is truly all you should have to say; hopefully your florist is professional enough to leave it at that. If you’re still feeling pressured, recognize it as her/his issue, and do your best to let it go.

There are plenty of opportunities to be stressed in the wedding planning process – thankfully there are also plenty of opportunities to be have fun and celebrate along the way.  The more of the uncomfortable situations you nip in the bud (no floral puns intended), the more you can enjoy the beauty of what you and your spouse-to-be are creating.