Hone the art of acceptance:

Your wedding day, like any other anticipated special occasion, is going to be flawed.  You’re real people, not plastic toppers on a cake, and therefore, life will happen.  Little and big things will go wrong.  Expect them.  Not in a pessimistic, why-is-life-so-unfair? way, but in a way that allows you to be fluid through the beauty, the highs, the quiet moments, and yes, even the disappointments.

Shift your expectations:

It is a day so anointed, so dreamed about and coveted, entire magazines revolve around it!  The pressure is enormous. “THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE” is the not-so-subliminal newsfeed that wraps itself around your celebration.  If it truly is the best day of your life, mazel tov!  And if it’s a beautiful and messy and meaningful day that is like no other you’ve experienced, that’s not only okay, that is normal.  Expect anything and everything, and know that what you end up with is a kaleidoscope of memories that is *your* wedding.  One that is yours (and your spouse’s) alone.

Remember the endgame:

Stay connected to your partner and to what married life means to you.  What do you want married life to feel like?  What rituals do you want to create as newlyweds?  What makes your relationship unique?  Keep these goals alive and present.  Create a vision board of your life as newlyweds or start hosting a monthly game night.  Build the life that is yours – yours and your beloved’s; the one that stands strong long after the band plays its last song and you board the honeymoon flight back. Know, when you look at your mate, that you got the best gift of all.