Anni Bruno, Make-Up Specialist

Anni Bruno NYC Faces

Brooklynite since: 2003

Favorite Brooklyn spots: So many!  Zenkichi for Japanese tapas, Mesa Coyocan for Mexican, La Piazetta for Italian, Hotel Delmano for fancy cocktails, Huckleberry Bar for a classy night out or Legion for an unclassy one!

Three words my closest friends would use to describe me: Colorful, kind, fun

What I love about what I do: Meeting people and making them feel good about themselves! Improving confidence one eyelash at a time…

Five things you don’t know about me: I studied opera and musical theatre for much of my life. I’m totally kitty-cat obsessed. My husband and I were friends in high school. I don’t own a television. I love travel and have been to a lot of places!

Five jobs I had before I was a wedding professional: Musical theatre performer, cashier at a local vegetable store, forgetful waitress, market researcher, and make-up artist at Bergdorf Goodman

t: 212-203-5277

5 thoughts on “Anni Bruno, Make-Up Specialist”

  1. Anni did an exceptional job with my makeup on my wedding day. I had a very specific concept in mind about my look, when I approached her and she had excecuted it perfectly! Anni has a great sense of style and a wonderful taste. And she made my mom look 10 years younger on my wedding day!!

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